Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Pimple Story

I have fairly clear skin, so when i get a breakout or pimple it looks quite prominent. There is redness, swelling and off course itching. Then there is an insane urge to pop the pimple, which i did a lot of times when i was younger...there was blood, pus and the whitehead thing..ugh gross. But luckily they didn't leave any nasty marks that i regret. But you should not do it. A friend of mine had pimples, acne and scars all over her face since teen years. So she would have this feeling of insecurity that she will not look good in certain dresses and she totally shunned most public events. At that time i couldn't imagine the pain she was going through, but she got over it by visiting a dermatologist (who through medication helped her get rid of pimples/acne, apparently they were hormonal). She now has become one the most fun loving extrovert person that i know.

Most of the time god blesses me with these monsters just a day before an important meeting or a functions. I got one a day before my wedding, what can i say...People won't notice the dress or makeup i'm wearing, but everybody would have a thing or 2 to say about the pimple. And yes, then follows the volley of advice from well meaning but annoying aunties about home remedies for pimple. Its just that i don't have patience or time to rub turmeric or tulsi paste on my face and wait for it to show results. Not to say that i have not tried these but they refuse to show any result on me in a day. Perhaps they work best if used regularly to prevent pimples and acne.

With so many beauty blogs out there giving you tips on getting rid of pimple in a day. The one that worked for me is the toothpaste trick. Just dab a bit of it on the pimple at night time or any time for that matter and in the morning its gone..poof. Just a small teeny tiny black dot of a reminder is left, with which i can live rather than the red swollen mass on my face. This trick is like a cheat sheet for me to get a clear skin. However its best to follow certain rules or steps to snub the pimple at its roots. Washing your face twice with a good face wash that removes excess oil and the one that suits your skin types. Try not to touch your face too often, but if you must use clean hands or tissues.

So tell me what's your secret weapon to fight against pimple?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Jabong.com Haul and Website review

Hello people, its seems like eons after which i'm writing on this blog. I'm so sorry for not being in action, as i had a baby and taking care of her is no mean task.But now that she is almost a year older, i have decided to write 1 post each day. Lets see how that pans out. In the meantime, Divya from Jabong.com contacted to write a review of their website, and that kind of gave me that push to write again.

Jabong.com is one of the top players in India's leading online shopping website sphere. Man!! look at the sheer amount of products and discounts on this site. You could just spends hours and hours browsing through them. After 2 days of constant search for a perfect gift for my little brother, I finally decided on a pair of loafers. So I placed the order for the same on 24/11/2014 and immediately received an email and sms with the order details. Even though the delivery time is 4 days i received another email stating that the product has been dispatched the next day morning i.e, 25th nov. Cool right?. I received the product on Friday i.e, 28th.

First things first, the packaging, it was sturdy and neatly packaged. The box was not crumbled or dented which is nice. Unfortunately i couldn't click the pics as my brother was too eager to see his present. The shoes are of good quality and brother has been wearing them for the last 2 days nonstop.


Jabong.com is also a pioneer when it comes to introducing trendy and international brands to the Indian public such as G star RawALDOHE mangoBurtonTommy Hilfiger, New LookCK Jeans and more.

This online shopping website will offer additional discounts in the GOSF 2014  such as additional 30% off on women's shoes which are already on flat 50% off. The Jabong Online Fashion Week events showcases the talents of choose 15 fashion designers, 20 models, 5 make up artist  and 5 photographers, so be sure to check that out.

Huge variety of products for all budgets
Free shipping 
30 day return policy

None as of now...

Note: I received a gift voucher however the views are honest as always.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pomegranate Juice Recipe with step by step photos

Hello everyone, today I'm going to show you a basic recipe of Pomegranate juice. This fruit is packed with anti-oxidants and is good for your heart. My mom-in- law says that its also good for efficient bowel movement. The fruit is loaded with sugar so you don't have to add any other sweetener like honey.

Ingredients :

Pomegranate pearls from 2 medium sized fruits
Juice of half a lemon
Salt - pinch

NOTE (important) : When you run the blender, use it in the whipping mode because you don't want to grind the seeds as it will impart a slightly bitter taste. Just blend it for 5 seconds so that the flesh is juiced.

(Optional): You can add mint leaves, ginger, honey, pepper, chat masala and you can also pair it with other fruits and vegetables depending upon your mood.

    2 pomegranate and lemon

     Shelled pomegranate seeds looks too good to eat straight-away...

           I used the Philips hand bender...take out the pulp and strain it. Gently with a spoon press and extract the juice onto a bowl and mix lemon juice and salt. 

             I just rimmed the glass with salt and added a lemon wedge.. I would like to call this drink the Pomegranate martini (of course there is no vodka but if you want then go ahead...) 

                   Looks like wine when photographed with flash....

Sorry guys I know I have been missing in action, but I promise to do more posts..I have collected quite a few products that I would like to share with you..So stay tuned....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My new love

I’m sure as per my last post, you all must have thought I was going to Australia and getting settled there. However, unfortunately it got cancelled at the last minute, imagine all the packing that we must have done. Well that being said, we still continue to stay here in Chennai and I have a new job. This new workplace is somewhat near to my home, but I have to take three two buses and 1 share auto (not sure if you guys know what is). So I decided to get a bike for myself…..I had taken my license couple of years back for id purpose while I was in Bangalore. On the day of the driving test, I had asked a girl standing in front of me in the queue to lend me her bike for the test and she readily gave me her new bike. She told me how to drive it and believe me you guys it was my first time on any bike and it was so smooth...and of course I passed the test. From that moment on I only wanted to get that bike, if I had to get one…
So finally got the same color and a matching helmet...…..YAY…….
Today is my second day coming to office on the bike...I will post real pics of my bike soon…
Missed you guys as always…..

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vacation & some Random pictures

Hello people how are you...i hope you are doing good and im really sorry for not posting as much as i would like to. Its just that i was lazy and also super busy, which i think is not an excuse, its like when you start a blog you wish you had lot of followers (of the blog) and when you do get some you start ignoring it (which is what i kinda unintentionally did) but i promise to do MORE POSTS.

Okay, so this month we did a bit a traveling to attend my cousin sister's engagement and on the way back we went to Pondicherry. I don't have all the photos coz we used our phone and forgot to click most of it. Whatever we captured i have put it up for you guys...

This was taken at the boat trip in Chunnambar River. This was a 2 seater and was supposedly super fast or jet fast (not sure) but it was nowhere near to being fast. But it sure was fun nevertheless.

Thats me with my mom and nani at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, which reminded me of Delhi campus, lush green and cool weather. Awesome place to visit but very expensive to shop coz it is targeted at firangs.

This is my lil niece when we were at the engagement. Ohhh she is sooo cuuutttteeeee.

This is my husband's childhood pics, he looks so chubby and cute...i love it...We found this when we were randomly cleaning his parental house. He was called "bonda" as a child cos of his chubbiness.. i still call him that ;)

I made this mala/ gajra from the flowers at my in-laws house without the needle. It was my first time ever and i loved it, the beginning was very frustrating with all the flowers falling off before securing it with the thread. But once you do some 20 flowers you can really do it fast.

Me and my hubby at the marina beach.

At my nani's house, my hubby was making me do all these poses was funny hehehe....:))

Ok thats it for now thanks for watching and may god bless you all.

The good news is that my hubby and I are going to Australia in 3 weeks for 4+ years. So all new experience for us and with the new house almost getting completed, its kinda very busy, but i promise to do more posts.


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