Thursday, October 28, 2010

Biotique Mud pack Review

I was asked by Rentu   and  indanmakeupways to do a review on the face pack. So, this post is dedicated to you,.....My first dedication YAY.......:-)

I think for my skin type(which is a combination skin), most of the products show good results especially face packs. I have tried the mud pack from Lotus herbal it was good for my skin. The thing with the face packs/masks is that they show instant results which by my experience stays for about 3-4 hours. So if you need to got out on a date/meeting/brief party etc....this product comes to my rescue.....

Price : Rs 180
Net weight : 85 g

Shelf life :
3 yrs

What the product claims &
Key ingredients : Rejuvenating and Skin Tightening Pack for Face and Body :- A rejuvenating pack containing minerals salts of Magnesium, Calcium and Iodine. Also contains Basil Oil, Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil and Peppermint Oil. Gives devitalized and tired skin a clear youthful radiance.

Directions to use : Apply a thick layer on clean dry face and neck. Avoid eye and mouth area. Put cotton eye pads soaked in rose/cucumber water on eye area. Rest for 15-20 min.

Then remove the pack by washing your face with water. Follow with toner and moisturizer. 

Not recommended for very sensitive skin.

Availability :
Its pretty much available the health n glows, dept stores, local cosmetics stores and chemist shops.

Biotique Mud pack

My experience :  
  • For me face packs have always been a resort to relaxation. Just put them on and take a short nap on the couch or the bed.
  • My skins glows it really shows a great deal of difference in terms of my skin's softness.
  • It soaks up all the oil on your face and leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean (which i like).
  • Instantly brightens up the skin though it may not leave a pinkish tint/glow as in case of their Fruit pack.
  • It has the texture of thick smooth white clay.
  • The smell is kinda strong, very herbally, minty and not so pleasant. It reminds of the clay dough we used to play with when i was younger the colored ones....
 Repurchase : Yup....I always buy the packs plus its herbal so i don't have to worry about the side-effects.


  1. hey great review, tell me is the biotique fruit pack much better than this

  2. thanks a lot, if you have wheatish skin tone like me then yes the fruit pack is better as it turns you a little pink...once in a while I like that pink toned skin...hehehe..But changing the skin texture wise i think both does the same job......

  3. i want to try d fruit pack..i love d papaya scrub..
    nice review...

  4. oh my gawd! i didnt c this post. thanks sooooo much for doing this and that too u have done it in detail!!! love ya gal for this!!!! :D

  5. indianmakeup-I'm glad you like the post...will do more soon....

    bhumika-thanks..,,,i haven't tried the papaya scrub....will try to get that aswell...

  6. do you think it will be good enough for people with normal to dry skin??????just an idea..and yes, do try papaya scrub...its amazing...but do not go for walnut...its horrible....

  7. I don't think so., clay based face packs have oil absorbing properties.,, so this pack is great for combination, normal and oil skins...

    I haven't tried walnut....I guess I will not...

  8. hmmmm
    and it is a do not for will literally abrade your skin...its that harsh.....

  9. I'm yet to use to use walnut will let you know...

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