Saturday, October 9, 2010

Endhiran/Robot Movie Review

Watched Endhiran/Robot movie today, touted as THE highest grossing movie in the Indian film industry till date. Rajnikanth and Aishwayra Rai are in the lead roles in this futuristic sci-fi movie.

The story is pretty predictable that is if you have watched Hollywood movies. Its is about a Scientist Vaseegaran(Rajnikant), who creates a android robot named Chiti(Rajnikant), which can do so many things . The robot eventually falls for Sana(Aishwarya Rai) and things get out of control as the robot kidnaps Sana when she is about to get married to Vaseegaran. How the scientist saves his lady love and control the robot is the basic gist of the movie.

You may be wondering as to why this movie is making waves in the country apart form ayodhya & CWG issue. Well off-course the graphics dah....and they way the songs have been pictured and the music is by Rahman...something to watch for..and the way Director Shankar is able to pair a 60+ bald actor and a much younger actress so well is amazing.... The first half of the movie is racy, however the later half seems to drag on for like ever,,,but it is worth a watch. Aishwarya is looking gorgeous in both Indian and western outfits, make-up and styling though she needs to work on her weight and wrinkles...jus kidding ..she is still beautiful....


  1. He he 'thalaivar' movie so it is most watched ;) ... I am yet to watch it though n i am somehow finding it difficult to motivate myself to watch it :)

  2. watch the first half...second half sucks man!!!!



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