Wednesday, October 27, 2010

**FREINDS**my fav series of all time

I could watch this show over and over again. This show used to be aired on Star World at 7:30 pm weekdays. Ahh i was such a huge fan of the show. So i went ahead and bought the complete 1-10 year season.yipeee....

I first went to the Landmark store and looked for the CD's the guy at the desk told me that they are out of stock rite now,so he asked me to leave my number and he would call me. Which I did...Yeah well couple of days later i got a call from the store of CD's arrival. So i sent my hubby to pick them up...and guess was priced at 7 or thousand rupee, and husband wouldn't let me spend so much money on the CD's...........

Instead he bought the compressed DVD's for about Rs 900. I was afraid of the quality of the video and sound..Well it turned out to be as good as the original. It has the menu options with 3-4 subtitles...It was a steal if you ask me.

About the show : 

This half-hourly comedy started with six twenty something friends who face life and love in New York. Now, they are six twenty something friends with older, bigger concerns. Monica and Chandler are married. Ross and Rachel have fallen in love, broken-up, married, divorced, and had a baby together - in that order. Phoebe recently married, and Joey still acting.

Cast :
  • Jennifer Aniston = Rachel Green
  • Courteney Cox Arquette = Monica Geller
  • Lisa Kudrow = Phoebe Buffay
  • Matt LeBlanc = Joey Tribbiani
  • Matthew Perry = Chandler Bing
  • David Schwimmer = Ross Geller 

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