Saturday, October 30, 2010

Home Cleaning Tips for Diwali

  1. Instead of using the cleaners available in your local dept store like the lizol, mr.mucles etc..They contain such hazardous stuff in them,,so instead of using those you can switch to a much cheaper and safer call purpose cleaner = White wine vinegar. Yes people you heard it right you just need this amazing stuff to keep your home sparkly clean.
  2. Always use hand gloves before you start doing your chores.. I use the Scotch Brite gloves they cost less than Rs 100.
  3. If you use soap to take bath / shower, when they become very small after usage and you don't want to use it. Keep storing those soap bits and put it into a old socks and tie it with a fancy ribbon. You could use this by dipping into water,,,......if you want to clean some stubborn dirty shelf , fan etc..these are very effective and they are soft on your skin unless you use rin shakti to take shower...hehehehe..
  4. Cleaning the fridge with the half a lemon dipped in vinegar..,,, really works. It leaves a very lemony smell.................mmmm clean...
  5. To clean the mirrors and glass surfaces in the house. Instead of using Kollen (remember the T.V commercial funny huh ), you could use piece of newspaper and fold it several times & dust the surface that needs to be cleaned with Vibhuti (greyish ash) that is offered in the temple.  Clean the surface and you got yourself a brand new mirror.
  Let me know if these tips worked for you., and also if you have any other new tips....


    1. i liked the socks idea with a ribbon, would look super cute maybe, and might help the lazy bum to work

    2. yeah its really cute..,,do let me know if you have any such ideas...,,

    3. wow...didn't know about the vibhuti idea...will try it out...btw using the soap bits...we can even melth the soap bits and form a large soap with those bits to wash hands...

    4. large soap making idea - good one ya...Will try that.....thanks

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