Monday, October 25, 2010

((((My Mini Make-up Haul))))

Make-up Haul

This is my first chota sa make up haul, if  you notice all the products that i bought are very affordable. I went to Health and glow outlet at Spenser's Plaza (a mall in Chennai) where i got these items.

Whenever im bored i prepare a long list of items that i would need and it runs about 4-5 pages...i know its crazy..well u cant really put a tab on wishes, now can u??? So just picked up some random stuff. My hubby refused to come inside the store and gave me just 15 mins to come out. So i just picked the basic items that i needed to start building my vanity. The Oriflame lipstick i got through a friend of my mom's who is a consultant and it was at a discounted price.

Stuff that i got :
  • Vaseline Lip Care healthy White = Rs 60
  • Lotus Herbal Lip Balms = Rs 79 (Buy 1 get 1 free I got raspberry & fruity fusion).
  • VlCC kajal = Rs 135
  • Lakme Rose powder = Rs 80
  • Biotique Mud pack = Rs180
  • Lacto Calamine = Rs 29
  • Tissue paper packs = Rs 19
  • Eye Lash curler = Rs 60
  • Oriflame Hydra comfort lipstick (Mocha magic) = Price dont know
  • Lakme Sindoor = Rs 99
Will try to post a review of each product separately after i start using till then mu fellow bloggers happy hauling...Hey since the festival season is here go grab some great offers on make up stuff... 


  1. hey thanks for visiting my blog. u have a cool blog and lotsa recipes. am newly married so am sure ur recipes will come in hand. I still struggle in my kitchen. by the way great haul. hows the vaseline lip balm ? is it good?

  2. Thank you..Hey dont worry yaar, cooking is very easy. Initally i didn't know anything about cooking..but gradually i picked on..these recipes are for 2 ppl. Try some and do let me know...Vasline lip balm has the same flavor as the regular (white n blue)one has. I haven't used this in a while and i did really like..takes u back down memory lane..:-)

  3. hey nice blog..
    followin u..check out mine..

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  5. nice haul ..enjoy the reviews:)

  6. Hi :) Just saw your blog & you cannot imagine how happy I am to see a fellow Chennai-ite :D YAY! Anyway, you seem to have some really nice recipes. I'll be sure to try them out whenever I feel like cooking (which is not often :P)

  7. Hey Pookhie, thanks for your comments,,.. i hope u try these recipes and do let me know how it came out....So tell me what are the places in Chennai that you like to visit as far as shopping is concerned....

  8. hey nice haul, do post in the review about biotique mud pack :)

  9. nice haul..
    im soo eager to know how the vaseline healthy white lip balm works..looks interesting..



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