Tuesday, November 9, 2010

VLCC Kajal Review

When we think of make-up...we think of eyes and lips. To define the eyes there is nothing better and effective as kajal...Since childhood we have been using it .,,,it is marked on newborn babies (nazar) to ward of evil...My mom used to use shringar and eyetex kajal as those were popular during their times...

Sometimes we also used to make it at home,,,...I'm sure all of us know it by now.  The first kajal that I purchased was of Himalaya..its nice but smudges..So thought of buying VLCC kajal..as i read in some blog that it is MATT. So got it, even though my himalaya kajal is still only half-empty.....

VLCC Kajal
Matt Blaccckk Kajal
Swatched on my hand

Price : Rs 135

Net Weight : 2.5 gm

Shelf life : 2 yrs

What the product claims & Key ingredients : A unique formulation that does not smudge, smear or fade after application. The goodness of natural oils and herbal extract nourish and relax the eyes. Triphala helps in maintaining good vision. Contains Triphala, Liquorice extracts, Camphor and Almond oil.

Directions to use : Apply on the waterline, for a smokey effect you could smudge it a lil...

Availability : It is not available in Malls, as far as I know. You could get it in your local cosmetic store though.

My experience :  
  • This Kajal comes in a tube form, so no need to dip in your fingers into the kajal as is the case in shringar/eyetex..(hygiene point of view)
  • Both Himalaya & Vlcc kajals have the same packaging. 
  • When it comes to smudging VlCC does a good job of not doing it(smudging)..hehe
  • It is quite black, and stays for a good 5 hrs without touch-ups..
  • However it is not as smooth as i would like it to be.
  • Decently priced

Repurchase : Hmm Yes...till I get THE perfect kajal.search is on...lets see...


  1. well i am also on a lookout for a perfect kajal, may you get one soon, so that i can buy one for myself :)

  2. yeah sure ,,im planning to try gel liner...any idea abt that,,,

    btw do you know how to put stuff on your sidebar?? I don't know that ...

  3. yep just go to design tab, add a gadget, and click on the picture stuff...i hope u understood

  4. the kajal swatch looks nice. am currently using the lotus kajal...its ok..will try this after i run out of lotus

  5. rentu : thanks rentu.. i was able to add that on the sidebar..

    Anju : yeah try this it is not as smooth as Lotus kajal but it definitely stays for a longer peroid of time.....

    Anamika : oh yes it is...

  6. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner/kajal should be the end to search..

  7. Hi Pooja, yeah i have been meaning to buy that since ages...

  8. go for maybelline colossal kajal ..no smudging at all..n very black ..with decent price rs.150 !

  9. gossipgurl08 : yeah i really want to tr that :)

  10. hey all,chambor's pencil stick is the best

  11. Thanks Anonymous, will definitely give that a try...

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