Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mini Pizza Recipe

Mini Pizza
Hi everyone, I'm on a weight loosing spree....I have resolved to loose 12 kg of weight. I have started doing yoga(surya namaskar) and exercise on a regular basis and diet moderation. This is a simple, quick, tasty recipe that is equally healthy. This is my solution for odd-hour hunger.

I used multi-grain bread on which you could put vegetable of your choice (i have added onion tomato capsicum)and I have added lil shredded cheese topped it with pepper-salt, basil, oregano..any-other  herb of your choice. I have also added pasta sauce (red sauce) on top of it. You could just apply it on the bread in the beginning.

If you have any other quick healthy recipes let me know...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pears Pure & Gentle Cleansing faceWash Review

I'm gonna review the Pears face wash..i love all the TV ads they are so cute. When i was younger i always believed that using this soap will make my skin "MASOOM" like the girl in the add..hehehe... I'm not gonna rant on&on abt it go read for yourself.....and hey MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone.....
Pears Facewash

Price : Rs 50..

Net Weight : 60 g

Shelf life : 2 years,...believe you me its gonna over before that...

The product on my hand

What the product claims & Key ingredients : Pears is the gentle way to keep your skin looking innocent and beautiful. It is enriches with pure glycerin and natural oils that gently moisturize skin to keep it smooth while its mild fragrance and soft lather ensure that your skin gets the pampering it deserves. These are the ingredients ....GLYCERIN, ACRYLIC COPOLYMER, SODIUM COCOYL ISETHIONATE, COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE, SODIUM CHLORIDE, FRAGRANCE, DIMETHICONE COPOLYOL, SODIUM HYDROXIDE, METHYL CHLORISOTHIAZOLINONE, BHT, DISODIUM EDTA, BENZOPHENONE-3, LEMON, FAGUS SYLAVATICA, LAURYL GLUCOSIDE, WATER and SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE


Availability : Its available in most of the stores..

Lathered on my hand without water

My experience :

* This is my HG face wash coz no matter what i always come back to it.

* I love the amber colour of the face wash and is very thick in consistency.

* It smells great..abt that this is the one with the new packing..and it has a different smell than the old one..i definitely think it has some sandalwood smell..or is it just my let me know...

* Its great for me in the summers but can't say the same abt dry wintery season..when nothing seem to work.

* This tube come with a flap its convenient to use..

* Lathers so well that you actually just need about a 25 paise coin size amount for the entire face and neck.

* I get smooth squeaky clean skin after i wash my face and makes my skin very soft too.

* Loooovvvveeee the price......

Repurchase : For sure even if i get new face washes along the way......

Oriflame Giordani Gold Adaptive foundation Review

Oriflame always seems to offer discounts in their products...and i have friend who is a consultant and i always get my stuff at good deal... This is the first foundation that I have purchased. I had one way back and that was of lakme..and that suited my complexion so well..but somewhere down the line.i forgot the shade number/name..and i couldn't find it anymore...weird huh!!

Price : Rs 890 mentioned on the label..i got it for Rs500 YAY for that :)

Net Weight : 30 ml (which i guess i pretty decent)

Shelf life :
3 years i believe

What the product claims & Key ingredients :
Self-adjusting foundation which blends with your skin to reveal a perfect complexion. With soft focus pigments to mimic your skin’s natural color and texture. Smooth, sensual application. Well there is a huge list of stuff mentioned in the cover and I'm feelin so lazy that I'm gonna skip this one time...;)

Directions to use : Clean your face and moisturize it (coz foundation goes on more smoothly on your skin) with a primer. You could use a small sponge or a brush or your fingers..i personally like to use a small sponge applicator it gives a even finish. I have seen my fellow bloggers using brush but i don't have any so no idea as to how it works...

Availability : The thing with Oriflame is that you have to go through a consultant to get your stuff. as it is not available in the stores

My experience :
  • For a first time user per say ..i think its just great..i got porcelain (2645) for myself.

  • I love the way my skin feels and looks flawless as it is i don't have any blemishes..but those invisible spots gets taken care of.

  • It gives low- medium coverage..its good for daily use as i use very lil (half a drop) on my face and neck and i want to use it soon and move on to other foundations..hehe

  • It doesn't dry-out my skin(i have dry and sensitive skin ppl) at the same time it doesn't break me out.

  • It has a very mild smell which doesn't seem to bother me.

  • I love the gold color outer packaging it is just so appealing isn't it?

  • The bottle is also pretty cute with a pump on it.

  • It says its made in Poland...i earlier thought it was made in India...anyway..

  • For a first time user of foundation i would say it is a good choice.
Repurchase : Yup but i also wanna try the MAC range.....

Monday, December 13, 2010

Gulab Jamun Recipe

Hey people i was encouraged by my husband to do this post. He has a sweet tooth and (High BP) too...he is an IT professional. My hubby loves this thing and always orders up 2 plates of gulab jamun, so i thought why not make it at home. Besides we spend so much money to eat out, so thought i could save some money on that and spend on shopping...yippeee.....Also my MIL always sends homemade ghee which i use only for tadka..I'm gonna make some serious sweets...

Ingredients for gulab jamun : 

Non sweetened Khoya= 2 cups

Maida= 5 tbs


Cardamom (elaichi) powder = a big pinch

Baking soda = 1 pinch

Water = 1/2 cup

Ingredients for sugar syrup :

Sugar = 1 Kg ( add 1 cup extra if you want the syrup to be sweeter i like mine with less sweet)

Water = 1 liter

Rose essence or cardamom powder can be used to flavor the sugar syrup.

How to : I have added in a step by step pic

Make a very loose dough of the ingredients listed under gulab jamun dough
Take sugar and add equal amount of water to it
Heat the sugar syrup for about 5-6 mins
I have taken Kishmish, you could also use stuff inside the jamuns..
Like this you have to stuff it inside
Now make small balls of the dough..
sugar syrup is also ready....
Add the fried gulab jamuns immediately into the sugar syrup
There you go..its all yours to eat......
P.S : 
  1. The sugar syrup attains the consistency in the first 5-6 mins.if you keep heating it again the syrup becomes watery.
  2. The dough should be very loose and soft.don't knead it like you would do atta for roti..
  3. Use a wide container to make the syrup so that there is lot of space for your jamuns to soak.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lemon Rice Recipe

Hello people, I was feeling so lazy to prepare any elaborate dinner for my husband, so thought of making simple south Indian food the lemon rice with french beans subzi. Both are pretty basic and easy recipe. It has rained non-stop in Chennai and surprisingly its cool here..I'm planning to make some namak pares for this weather it would be heavenly....

Lemon Rice

Ingredients :

Rice = 1 cup washed and cooked
Lemon = 1-2 cut in half and take the juice
Groundnut = 1 tbs fried in lil oil
Cashew nut = 1 tbs fried in oil

salt = to taste

To Temper :

Oil = 2 tbs

Mustard seeds = 1 tsp
broken urad dhal = 1/2 tsp
Bengal gram = 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves = 2 springs
Turmeric powder = 1/4 tsp
Hing = 1 big pinch
Green chillies = 2 finely chopped
Ginger = 2 inch in length finely chopped

How To :
  • Cook rice as you would do everyday and keep aside.
  • In a small saucepan, add oil wait for it to get hot.
  • Add all the items given under TEMPER in the order listed.
  • Switch of the stove and the lemon juice (if you add it while still on stove it will become bitter).
  • Add this mixture onto the cooked rice and throw in the nuts.
  • Serve hot with papads or any tastes best with fried potatoes.
Please let me know if there is any other variations that you are aware of...

Monday, December 6, 2010

**Weekend Haul**

BATA ballerinas and Khadi soaps

 Hi guys,I'm back with my weekend haul, nothing much though. I have been dying to try the Khadi products for such a long time. Luckily we spotted a khadi store in Chennai near Spencer plaza. My hubby also like khadi as mos of the products are directly from the people who make it. There is a wide variety of products that are available there. The mat that you see on the background is actually my new yoga mat that i got for Rs140. I also got 2 sitting mats for 40 each...YAY.....
Sample soaps

 I was not sure which soap i wanted to try-on. So got this for about 65 bucks. I got Strawberry, neem-tulsi, green-apple, rose-water, lavender and lemon. I have started using the strawberry wala soap,,but doesn't at all smell like strawberry.....I haven't used the other soaps...
Jasmine-cheese soap with VIT E
 I thought this was a soap meant for the body but turned out to be a conditioner for the hair. This one smells nice. I'm using this soap after i wash my hair with a shampoo...My hair becomes super dry after i use this and i don't think i'm gonna buy it again.This was for about Rs 65 or 68..not sure

Vintage payal
 I have been wanting a payal for a really long time, the one which has ornate designs on it. Something that I could wear for the festive season... i bought this from khadi store....,,,, yeah they do have a separate jewellery section and the have some of the amazing kada collection that i have seen lately..I'm gonna buy them next...Btw this payal is for Rs3200 it is exchangeable for half the price...yippe. The reason it is expensive is coz of the red and green stones.

up close
Hey ...,,,let me know what you think of the haul....


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