Monday, December 13, 2010

Gulab Jamun Recipe

Hey people i was encouraged by my husband to do this post. He has a sweet tooth and (High BP) too...he is an IT professional. My hubby loves this thing and always orders up 2 plates of gulab jamun, so i thought why not make it at home. Besides we spend so much money to eat out, so thought i could save some money on that and spend on shopping...yippeee.....Also my MIL always sends homemade ghee which i use only for tadka..I'm gonna make some serious sweets...

Ingredients for gulab jamun : 

Non sweetened Khoya= 2 cups

Maida= 5 tbs


Cardamom (elaichi) powder = a big pinch

Baking soda = 1 pinch

Water = 1/2 cup

Ingredients for sugar syrup :

Sugar = 1 Kg ( add 1 cup extra if you want the syrup to be sweeter i like mine with less sweet)

Water = 1 liter

Rose essence or cardamom powder can be used to flavor the sugar syrup.

How to : I have added in a step by step pic

Make a very loose dough of the ingredients listed under gulab jamun dough
Take sugar and add equal amount of water to it
Heat the sugar syrup for about 5-6 mins
I have taken Kishmish, you could also use stuff inside the jamuns..
Like this you have to stuff it inside
Now make small balls of the dough..
sugar syrup is also ready....
Add the fried gulab jamuns immediately into the sugar syrup
There you go..its all yours to eat......
P.S : 
  1. The sugar syrup attains the consistency in the first 5-6 mins.if you keep heating it again the syrup becomes watery.
  2. The dough should be very loose and soft.don't knead it like you would do atta for roti..
  3. Use a wide container to make the syrup so that there is lot of space for your jamuns to soak.


  1. hey they loook so perfect..i have never tried gulab jamun because i once tried jalebi and it came out terrible D:

    i will try this and let u know

  2. Hey this looks and sounds yummy !!!! wanna try ... how do u fry the jammuns ? I did it with ghee and i didn t know what to do with the used ghee (coz i felt like throwing up when i tried to re use). So ended up putting it in diyas for karthigai deepam.

  3. anamika - thanks..I'm yet to try jalebi...but its pretty easy once you get the dough correct...

    Chennai ponnu - i fried mine in ghee..i used the ghee to make some more sweets and namkeen on the same day......

  4. ur gulab jamun look divine, i had once tried, and failed bigtime

  5. All this is making me hungry now :(

    Btw, where did u get unsweetned khoya from? I am sorry I am a lil ignorant on these things so was wondering. Do you have to make it at home or else buy it frm the sweet store?

  6. hi Tanveer, I actually make my khoya at home...just boil milk until its reduces to thick gooey consistency...i will post a recipe for khoya soon..for starters yo could buy it from the market...:)

  7. Thanks for sharing this recipe!!!



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