Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mini Pizza Recipe

Mini Pizza
Hi everyone, I'm on a weight loosing spree....I have resolved to loose 12 kg of weight. I have started doing yoga(surya namaskar) and exercise on a regular basis and diet moderation. This is a simple, quick, tasty recipe that is equally healthy. This is my solution for odd-hour hunger.

I used multi-grain bread on which you could put vegetable of your choice (i have added onion tomato capsicum)and I have added lil shredded cheese topped it with pepper-salt, basil, oregano..any-other  herb of your choice. I have also added pasta sauce (red sauce) on top of it. You could just apply it on the bread in the beginning.

If you have any other quick healthy recipes let me know...


  1. Looks so yum! All the best for your resolution :)

  2. All the best ... Do keep us updated - it would be a good inspiration :D

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  4. i just chopp all the vegetables and tause them a bit with salt , black pepper an oregano ..this way it becomes easy to eat ..:)

  5. you can try eating triphala (amla + athika + thandrika) ... fully herbal. It is available in all ayurvedhic brands. You can google about triphala to find out more. Even though it is very safe, consult an ayurvedhic physician and try the powdered one (capsules are not that effective). They are a good weight reducer and a general health tonic :)

  6. anamika: gud tip yaar...will try that next time.

    Chennai ponnu : I will buy that....thanks

  7. And yeah one more thing ... instead of using a rice cooker, try cooking rice like in the old days 'vadicha soru' ... my entire family could feel the difference in weeks and it really makes you feel lite and active :) coz when you take out the 'kanji' from rice, you take out a lot of carbs with it making it fiber rich :) ... Happy new year to you :)

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