Saturday, December 25, 2010

Oriflame Giordani Gold Adaptive foundation Review

Oriflame always seems to offer discounts in their products...and i have friend who is a consultant and i always get my stuff at good deal... This is the first foundation that I have purchased. I had one way back and that was of lakme..and that suited my complexion so well..but somewhere down the line.i forgot the shade number/name..and i couldn't find it anymore...weird huh!!

Price : Rs 890 mentioned on the label..i got it for Rs500 YAY for that :)

Net Weight : 30 ml (which i guess i pretty decent)

Shelf life :
3 years i believe

What the product claims & Key ingredients :
Self-adjusting foundation which blends with your skin to reveal a perfect complexion. With soft focus pigments to mimic your skin’s natural color and texture. Smooth, sensual application. Well there is a huge list of stuff mentioned in the cover and I'm feelin so lazy that I'm gonna skip this one time...;)

Directions to use : Clean your face and moisturize it (coz foundation goes on more smoothly on your skin) with a primer. You could use a small sponge or a brush or your fingers..i personally like to use a small sponge applicator it gives a even finish. I have seen my fellow bloggers using brush but i don't have any so no idea as to how it works...

Availability : The thing with Oriflame is that you have to go through a consultant to get your stuff. as it is not available in the stores

My experience :
  • For a first time user per say ..i think its just great..i got porcelain (2645) for myself.

  • I love the way my skin feels and looks flawless as it is i don't have any blemishes..but those invisible spots gets taken care of.

  • It gives low- medium coverage..its good for daily use as i use very lil (half a drop) on my face and neck and i want to use it soon and move on to other foundations..hehe

  • It doesn't dry-out my skin(i have dry and sensitive skin ppl) at the same time it doesn't break me out.

  • It has a very mild smell which doesn't seem to bother me.

  • I love the gold color outer packaging it is just so appealing isn't it?

  • The bottle is also pretty cute with a pump on it.

  • It says its made in Poland...i earlier thought it was made in India...anyway..

  • For a first time user of foundation i would say it is a good choice.
Repurchase : Yup but i also wanna try the MAC range.....


  1. hey that sounds neat.what other coor choices do they have,, am nc 43-45,,any reccomendations for me....

  2. yeah they have 4 shades..i don't know abt MAC shading nos..i'm sure you will be able to find one for yourself...

  3. wow..this is nice :)

    MAC is my all time fav u can try revlon photoready foundation as well.

  4. Nice review ... it was one review that i was waiting for :) ... Thanks

  5. anamika : i will try the revlon too..

    Chennai Ponnu : wow..glad i could help...

  6. Hello dear,

    thnq very much for the messages on my blog! It took me a while to find ur blog and follow! Ur blog is simple n sweet, like u :)

    its divija, some problem with google accnt...

    hope u see u round :)

  7. hey SSG..nice review..i will check dis isnt d foundation shade lighter..looks so on the hand..

  8. Hi divija, thanks for checking my know at point i had read all your posts...loved them all....:)

    Bhumika : actually i also thought the same but my mom kept insisting that it looks better than the other shades. Other shades made me look tanner...

  9. I haven't tried this one but it sure sounds great!: )

    Check out my blog and follow maybe?

  10. hey allf: thanks for checking my blog ...

  11. Beautiful review!
    Foundation = my life saveR:)

    Check out Runway Rundown

  12. nice review.. i have GG Rejuvenating foundation... but i hvnt used it much.. :p i'l try buying sample of this now looks great !

  13. Deeptima : yeah sure try that...but I'm thinking that i bought the wrong shade...:(

  14. hey i have been waiting for a review of this, thanks yaa

  15. hey Rentu, Where have you been??:) its been a long time....sure try this but choose your shade carefully..only after Bhumika's suggestion..I'm thinking that i may have chosen the wrong shade..

  16. I was a bit doubtful whether to choose this FGT form the GG range, but I think I will give it a try now :)

  17. Yes you should, coz it looks really nice on pics to, your skin will just glow :D



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