Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chicken Momos (Steamed) Recipe

Hi my dear friends, how was your New year, mine was a busy one..as I had my folks over to my place for dinner. My brother has been asking me to make chicken momos for a long time now. This is one of the easiest recipe that you could make and is delicious too...

I like to believe that this is one the healthiest dish coz no frying in the oil etc..but since I use Maida (its not so healthy)....OK now lets get down to make this and impress your in-laws.....

Ingredients :
Maida = 1 cup
Water = to make the dough

For the stuffing:
Minced chicken= 1/2 kg
Minced Onion = 2 big
Minced Ginger= 2 inch piece
Minced Garlic=10-15 pearls
Chopped green Coriander =1/2 cup
Chopped green chille = 4-5
Soya sauce = 1 tsp
Salt = as per taste

How to :
  • Make a smooth dough of Maida the consistency should be that of roti dough.
  • Mix all the ingredients for stuffing in a bowl and mix well.
  • Make small pooris but it should be very thin.
  • Stuff the pooris with the chicken stuffing ( shape them like you would do a modak)and steam it for abt 20 min. I steamed in my Idly steamer.
  • Serve hot with Garlic and red chillies hot sauce.

Thin Maida Pooris
Chicken stuffing
Momo's  before steaming
Momos in the steamer
Hot Momo's with the Garlic n Chille sauce


  1. Hey
    Happy new year, I’ve been silently reading your blog for a while now, and as part of my 2011 resolutions i decided to blog and actually comment on the blogs I follow...So im dropping by to say Hi :)
    btw i love momo's my nepalese friend once made it for me it was amaizng...hopfully one day i can try out ur recepie
    ♥ Abi

  2. hey i havent tried momos, thanks for the recipe

  3. Abi : Hi and welcome to the world of blogging:)....sure so try the recipe...its damn easy...

    Rentu : you are welcome dear....:))

  4. Hey those momos look yummm...ill try this at home...thanks for the recipe :)

  5. The momos look delectable! :)
    Thanks for all your sweet comments, I keep coming back to your blog all the time! :)

    Enter my Gossip girl giveaway!

  6. ALLF : Thanks so much..your comments mean so much to me:X

  7. Hi,

    Have seen your name crop up in a lot of blogs am following and thought of checking out your blog. Like the fact that there are food recipes here too, since my new year resolution is to go to work on my cooking skills. I love chicken momo's :) and yours look quite mouthwatering, and you are right, I thought they were healthy too, since its boiled - but right the fact that its maida and hence not that healthy!:(...And looking forward to reading more posts

  8. Hi Anamika K welcome to my blog..glad you like the recipes...will post more...thanks for your lovely comment..:))

  9. Oh you do make cute momos..I have tried only once, but I never could get it done so neatly - well..rather..I just about barely closed package and steamed it..should try again some time :D

  10. yeah even i thought that first but somehow it jus came so neatly...:))

  11. how did miss this post!!!!!!!!!! the momos look so yummy. thanks for the step by step pics. will try this out for sure!

  12. hey..i have been looking for a momos recipe since long..thanks for sharing..one thing..u have used the idli maker to steam the momos..so do u turn up the momos upseide down also to steam them up and how long do we have to keep the momos in it?

  13. great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)

  14. wow..yummy!!!!I so wanna try these...but I gotta stuff it with veggies only :) donno if I can make them and tie them so neatly as you did...

  15. Hi Anamika, no i did not turn it upside down and just keep it for 12-15 min ..also depends on how fine is the minced chicken...

    Lavern: you're welcome :)

    Swati :its is very easy do try and let me know..:))

  16. wow the momos look yummy, great I came across this post I was looking for steamed momo recipe

  17. IBC : thanks dear, it very easy do try it...

  18. omg i found yo! saw ur recipe lyk 4 months bac nd made momos(' m a momos crazy)..got tons & tons f praises..want'd to writ bac 2 u bt i forgot ur blog name, i was jes blog hop'n 2day nd tada! i found yo!!!

    thnks fr d awesom recipe...'t was easy & dependable...nowadays i do these al d tym..luv ya swtz!!!!!!!

  19. Sunaa : Thanks a lot for your lovely comments dahling..really made my day,,showing it to hubby as i write this :))love you too..

  20. post more dear..ur recipe & pics are vivd and understandable...plan'd 2 try mughlai recipe nxt!!!!!!!!

  21. Sunaa : yes i will, thanks for liking them..i'm planning to do the basic cooking items also soon, so do chk out that soon. and let me know how the mughlai chkn recipe worked for you..:)

  22. very interesting, i want to try this on weekend. thanks for sharing the recipe.

  23. Charenn29 : your welcome and yeah its a grt recipe..do try and let me know the result..

  24. WOW! Thanks for the recipe <3

    Looks yum


  25. I will try out this:)


  27. Hi,
    I have been waiting to try this recipe for sometime now. Could you tell me if the minced chicken is cooked or non cooked.

  28. Ohh and do you have a recipe for the garlic and chilly dip

  29. Lakshmi: the chicken is raw but dont worry it will get cooked.

    just grind garlic and dried red chillie soaked in water and then add salt. dats all.

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