Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Body shop staples for the SUMMER

Summer is here.YAY...I know you'll be wondering like its been here since the last 2 months atlest in chennai it is.I love summers coz i get eat melons, mangoes so many other seasonal fruit. I like to make different type of smoothies and milkshakes. So that is the food part of it, but that is not the only reason why i love summers. I love it coz i get to shower a lot or be in the water a lot..i don't know if it makes sense. Basically i love water, in need to have it in my vicinity otherwise i think i will go bonkers...So yeah, bathing +fruits = BODY SHOP.

Body shop is one brand that i have started using like 2-3 years back. However, for some reason i was back on Joohnson baby sopa and then back again to body shop. You know how its like, you can't stick one brand for a long time and i have to say this is the longest that i have stayed with any brand continuously.

So i'm gonna show you the stuff that i'm currently using on a daily basis.

Strawberry Body Polish  Rs 475 not sure

Green- Olive soap(don't like the smell though) & Yellow-Citrus i think Rs 140 each
Papaya shower gel Rs 325

Hey guys do let me know, which is your favorite bath product and also if you can suggest some good hair products from TBS for dry hair that will be great. Until next post see ya.....


  1. nice nice, i love summers too

  2. nie haul ..looks amazing ..pls review the soapfirst :)

  3. Rentu : Thanks ;;)

    Anamika : Sure will do that :)

  4. i love this bodywash and im using it now during my pregnancy.. its so calming!

  5. Zats: I'm planning to get some the sale still on???...

  6. I wish i knew.. i am in sri lanka :)

  7. oh yeah ..,,my bad i forgot that,..and congrats for your pregnancy..take care :)



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