Friday, May 6, 2011

My Best and Worst Hair product

I'm forever on the search for the perfect shampoo and conditioner. When i was younger i used to love the Organics shampoo becoz it used to make my hair so soft and shiny. I don't think its available anymore in the market.

Now i keep switching my shampoo, yes i know that it ensures that there is no product building up on my tresses. Did i say that right?? Finally i think i have found what i could call my HG hair shampoo Loreal Total repair 5 shampoo ( Aishwarya Rai add, where she saves the world from "Hair damage" LOL. I bought this shampoo when they were giving the conditioner free with the shampoo coz i think it was their anniversary or something. It cost me 130-140 bucks i think not sure for 200ml. I have finished my bottles already. It smells really good and leaves my hair shiny and silky than other shampoos. I have yet to try their mask though.

Loreal shampoo & condtioner

I also purchased the Oriflame Shampoo and conditioner for colored hair (the package is red in color) and it sucks. Come to think of it, i think all their products except their make-up and skin-care doesn't seem to work for me. This leaves my hair hair super dry. I tried their hair mask, it felt wrong while i was putting it on my wet hair. It made my hair super-duper dry. It is just a waste of money. I wouldn't recommend it even to my enemy. The shampoo was for Rs 349 for 400 ml and the conditioner was for Rs 229 for 250 ml.

So Guys please let me know which is your HG Hair product and also which you hate the most.


  1. Hi Ponnoviam ! Nice to see you after such a long time ! I think I ll also buy l'oreal shampoo and conditioner for the 'special' days when I want to look specially dressed :D ! Other than that I am happy with sabash now that is back into production :) So how are you doing ? and hope your weight loss program worked well for you !!!

  2. Hi Chennai Ponnu, Thanks for your lovely comments. it just made my day..well i have lost in total 4 kg i know it not that much but still happy and im following your idea of cooking rice the traditional way :)

  3. hehehehe it was so cute wen u sed u wudnt even recommend it to ur enemy LOL

    well i dont trust oriflame shampoos.. its just a kinda vibe i guess :P

  4. Zats : Yeah i mean it was really horrible for me....:(( but i have heard good reviews about yellow for dry n damaged hair shampoo..will give it a try later....:)



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