Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oriflame Lip palette and Eyeshadow Pearl Review

Hi my lovely readers, I'm gonna review two of Oriflame products, that I got and i'm glad i purchased these as these are not available in the regular catalog. The price on these were also irresistble.. so without much delay let me introduce them to you!!!

Oriflame Visions Sparkle Collection Lip Palette

 I'm super-duper happy that i got this product as it has four shades for a price of i think abt Rs150, i'm not sure about that.  It comes in a transparent cute little box with a small applicator brush, which is of good quality and soft. However some of you might find it a bit difficult to use as it has a small handle.

There isn't much info like ingredients or the mgf date on it and also it says its made in china :)  and it didn't come with a outer package, so i'm planning to use them asap.
  • The lip product super pigmented i,m saying this because i have pigmented lips and all these colours shows up amazingly well on my lips.
  • These are super creamy and rich and glides on nicely on the lips.
  • The color payoff is good.
  • The amt of the product is 3 gms.
  • They are super shinny and glittery but they are very fine and that's all the more reason for me to like it. Surprisingly the light pink shade on  the top left corner is my favorite and i personally feel that every-time i put that on it just makes my whole face glow....
The inside of the lip palette
The swatches
The other product that i wanted to review was Giordani Gold Colour Jewels Eyeshadow pearls..huh such a long name for a such a small product. I love the whole Giordani range it is just so classy in its packaging. I'm sorry guys i don't remember the price of this one but it should be definitely less than Rs250.

Giordani Eyeshadow pearls
  •  The product quatity is 3gm.
  • Comes in a cute pot with a gold cap or top.
  • It has two colors of pearls inside it one is gold and the other one is bronzey.
  • I is great for indian skin tones as the gold complements all the skin tones in India.
  • Its sad that it does has has applicator you need to use your own.
  • I bought this mainly to attend all the weddings this year and i plan to do eye make up with the color of my saree as one shade and this gold as another.

The inside of the product
I'm glad i got these as could not find any cons of these and also the fact that they are super affordable. Please let me know if any of you have used this..


  1. the lip colors are very pretty...

  2. The lip pallete looks very nice :)

  3. The colors are very beautiful :)

  4. the gold beads look interesting...any pic with you wearing them?
    Wanna see how it looks

  5. Yuvna : yes they are, unfortunately i don't have a pic at the moment. will try to get one soon...



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