Wednesday, June 15, 2011

**Mini Haul**

I was feeling so bored, but going out was not on my mind because of the sun. However fortunately it rained in Chennai last night and the weather is so much nicer now. But still didn't want to go out long distance to the mall or something, so sitting here with my laptop and writing the post for you guys. I hope you enjoy it.
Just got some basic stuff that i was planning to buy from a long time and i also got a pair of studded bangles which are GORGEOUS.....

Here is the breakdown..
  • Livon Silky potion : Rs 200 for 100 ml. I see that they have changed the packaging a little bit and the price too...I have used it in the past and liked how it made my hair more manageable and smooth. 
  • Sunsilk conditioner for damaged hair : Rs 99 for 180 ml and i got it for Rs94 :).I have heard lot of good things about this conditioner so wanted to give it a try.
  • Nivea Whitening Deo spray & underarm roll-on deo : Rs 170 for 15o ml for the spray and Rs 165 for 50 ml of the roll-on deo. Frankly my underarms keep getting darker every summer, so thought i would buy it and i love the scent of it already.
  • Oriflame Savannah Nail Polish : I got it for 79 rupees and it is the shade Soft Freesia, i got it mainly because i liked the shape of the bottle and the brush was also in white colour.
  • Lastly i also got this pair of bangles and it was for Rs 600. I purchased this from Naidu Hall in Pondy Bazaar. They are super-duper awesome and i bought this coz my brother-in-law is getting married next month.YAY.. and this weekend my MIL is going to buy silk saree for the wedding. I'm so happy..

It came in this box


  1. nice haul..
    hey u are yet to verify urself by email subscription..u need to click on the verify and confirm button in ur mail :)

  2. Rentu : Thanks :)
    Bhumika : Thanks and i just did that :D

  3. Great haul hun! =)


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  4. hey nice haul.. as someone with dark underarms , a couple of simple pointers i would want to share with you,

    use a retino A cream of the mildest strength on your underarms for lightening the skin there. apply this cream before sleeping on your underarms as it reacts to sunlight.
    during the day time, use a calamine lotion in your underarms..

  5. anu : Thanks so much dear

    Of rainy days :Thanks for the tip, i have calamine lotion, need to find the retinol cream though..

  6. oh very nice bangles! my mom would love them so much! its beautiful :-D and hows the spray? is it good? me wana try it soon :-D

    Please do follow me

  7. Zats : thanks and the nivea spray is really good in fact i have thrown the others out of my shelf..hehehe:D

  8. hey !!
    i have that roll on too and i like it!
    happy blogging girl!

  9. Ginger: Yeah its really nice...happy blogging to you too...:D

  10. Wow loved your bangles and yeah I would also use the tip for underarms lets see if it works out

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  11. Lipsy : Thanks gurl..yeah try that tip coz i think exfoliation really works..



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