Saturday, July 30, 2011

MY Bangles on BIL's Wedding

This is what i wore on my BIL's wedding, it has a mixture of gold, 1 gram gold bangles and some fancy bangles. I always wanted to have a huge bangle collection, but only now i have started to collect some. Hope you like it. Will soon post the 2 silk sarees and a gold jhumka my MIL bought me for the wedding.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Maybelline Express finish NOTD Soft Doux

This is my first NOTD ever. I have bought this nail paint from I had earlier planned to do a hual on it but forgot to click the pics, maybe I will add them later. I have been wanting to try this for a long time since i saw this on my friend's nails. She told me that it did dries in about 40 seconds as per the claim. So i thought let me buy it, initially i was hesitating to buy it coz it was 190 something on the stores. But then i was like, let me give it a try because earlier my nail-paint would get smudged or dented as it took a long time to dry.

The shade that i got is called Soft doux.

Ok lets get to the review...

Price : Rs 160 from UrbanTouch

Net Weight : 10 ml

Shelf life : almost 2 years

What the product claims : (from the website)
  • Quick dry anti chip formula and vivid shades
  • Unique Control-Flow brush applies only the required amount of nail color for a smooth and even application
  • Long lasting color in 18 dazzling shades.
  • From wet to set in 40 seconds
I have used a coat of nail sheild from Oriflame as i did not have a base coat and on top it 3 coats of the nailpaint. It is quite sheer but you can build it up and the colour could look more opaque.

My experience :   
  • I really like this nail paint and i'm planning to get more.
  • True to its claim it does dry up very fast and i'm able to use my hands soon after the application.
  • I personally don't like sheer nail paints so i have to use 3 coats, so i think i'm gonna run out of it soon.
  •  It also doesn't chip easily, it stayed on my nails for about a week (this pic was taken after a week , yeah i know you are looking at te index finger, but hey...dats ok...
  • I like the packaging .
  • And i don't know what else to write about this nailpolish.
Do let me know if you have used this nailpaint and what shades you have from this range.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Simple Chicken gravy Recipe with step by step photos

Hi guys i'm back after a really long time to do a receipe post. This is a simple chicken gravy that can be prepared easily with the ingredients which would be available at homes most of the time. You don't need any kind of garam masala sabut or powdered but its guaranteed to be yummy.

Its very simple and tastes really good with rice rather than chapati in my opinion. The pictures are little hazy,  somethings wrong with the camera. I had taken the pics of the recipe 2 months ago and just forgot about it. So without much rambling lets get on with the recipe. This recipe is sufficient for 2-3 people(i hope).

Ingredients :

Chicken : 1/2 kg
Onion : 2 medium sized roughly chopped
Tomatoes : 2 medium sized roughly chopped
green chilles : 2 slit lengthwise
Curry leaves : 2 springs

Masalas :

Red chillie powder : 1 tbs
Tumeric powder : 1/2 tbs
Coriander powder : 2 tbs
Freshly crushed whole black pepper = 1 tbs
Salt : to taste

To Saute :

Jeera  : 1 tbs
Oil : 2-3 tbs

NOTE (optional) : Marinate the chicken in little salt, turmeric powder and 1 tbs vinegar( this helps to cook the chicken faster) for about 1/2 hour.

This time i'm using a earthen pan that i just bought from the local market just to bring in the old world charm.

Let the pan heat up and add the oil to it

Add jeera and let it sputter

Add the chopped onions and the curry leaves

Add the green chillies and saute for some time till the onions are cooked

Now is the time to add the tomatoes and saute again

Add 1 cup of water and the masalas except pepper and let this gravy cook for about 5 mins

Add the marinated chicken

Add little more water, you can skip this step if you don't want more gravy and let this cook for 30 min in sim.

Just before turing off the stove add the pepper powder and serve hot with rice    
I hope you enjoyed this recipe, so do let me know if you have any other way of cooking chicken in a simple way.

Monday, July 25, 2011

My First ever blog award/awards

You guys won't believe this, just yesterday i was telling my hubby that pretty much all my blogger friends were getting blog awards and i didn't even get one. I was kinda of sad but today morning when i checked my blogger i got this sweet surprise my fellow Chennai blogger INDGAL,

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much coz you just made my DAY :D 

OK so these are the rules.

1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
2. Post seven things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions.
3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.
4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.
Seven things about myself: 
  • I'm 5'6" married for the last 3 years.
  • I love cooking and traveling
  • Just learned how to sleep with a person (hubby) who snores heavily. Its like lullaby to me now hehe.
  • I'm obsessed with losing weight,online shopping, as of now.
  • I wake up late every morning.
  • I have discovered recently that I'm crazy about silk sarees and gold jewellery, thanks to my BIL's wedding.
  • I have a touch phone in which the display is not working. 
Name your favorite colors: Red

Name your favorite song: The Climb my Miley Cyrus as of now, which is my ringtone.

Name your favorite dessert: It has to be Rasmalai off-course

What pisses you off: When you don't get recognized for your efforts even when you work your ass off.

When you are upset you: I just go to sleep.

Your favorite pet: My hubby just kidding

Black or white: White

Your biggest fear: That i will become more fat

Best feature: my lips coz my sis thinks so

Everyday Attitude: Bindaas

What is perfection: whats that again??

Guilty pleasure: Online shopping
I would like to present the awards to my 15 fav bloggers :
Again thanks to each and everyone of you, who has made blogging such a fun thing.


Monday, July 4, 2011

All Things Girly Giveaway

Hi guys, All Things Girly is hosting a giveaway. YAY for that...and fingers crossed for this check out her blog here......

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wise She 500 Followers Giveaway

Hi guys, Anamika of Wiseshe is hosting a giveaways as her blog has crossed 500 followers mark. YAY for that...and fingers crossed for this check out her blog here......


Hi guys, Indian Beauty central is hosting a giveaways as her blog has reached 120 posts mark in less than 5 months. YAY for that...and fingers crossed for this check out her blog here......


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