Friday, July 29, 2011

Maybelline Express finish NOTD Soft Doux

This is my first NOTD ever. I have bought this nail paint from I had earlier planned to do a hual on it but forgot to click the pics, maybe I will add them later. I have been wanting to try this for a long time since i saw this on my friend's nails. She told me that it did dries in about 40 seconds as per the claim. So i thought let me buy it, initially i was hesitating to buy it coz it was 190 something on the stores. But then i was like, let me give it a try because earlier my nail-paint would get smudged or dented as it took a long time to dry.

The shade that i got is called Soft doux.

Ok lets get to the review...

Price : Rs 160 from UrbanTouch

Net Weight : 10 ml

Shelf life : almost 2 years

What the product claims : (from the website)
  • Quick dry anti chip formula and vivid shades
  • Unique Control-Flow brush applies only the required amount of nail color for a smooth and even application
  • Long lasting color in 18 dazzling shades.
  • From wet to set in 40 seconds
I have used a coat of nail sheild from Oriflame as i did not have a base coat and on top it 3 coats of the nailpaint. It is quite sheer but you can build it up and the colour could look more opaque.

My experience :   
  • I really like this nail paint and i'm planning to get more.
  • True to its claim it does dry up very fast and i'm able to use my hands soon after the application.
  • I personally don't like sheer nail paints so i have to use 3 coats, so i think i'm gonna run out of it soon.
  •  It also doesn't chip easily, it stayed on my nails for about a week (this pic was taken after a week , yeah i know you are looking at te index finger, but hey...dats ok...
  • I like the packaging .
  • And i don't know what else to write about this nailpolish.
Do let me know if you have used this nailpaint and what shades you have from this range.


  1. Nice Colour!!! You should do more NOTD's! They are fun! Check out my NOTD's as well!!

  2. nice color. This is similar to maybelline coloroma silver plum. should check these out next. thanks for the review

  3. Beingpretty : thank you , yes i will surely try to do more NOTDs....

    Indgal : Thanks indgal.i try to get the coloroma np after this one gets over....:D

  4. That's nice ya, if it really dries in a minute :D

  5. Such a pretty color! I used to have the same polish in black. Found your blog through Wiseshe, I just started blogging, do stop by when you get a chance :)

  6. laksh : Hi and welcome to my nice to nice new bloggers...well i have to say i don't have the attitude to carry a black nail paint (sissy me), but i'm planning to get blues and dark greens...lets see how that goes...::))



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