Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Body Shop 50% off Sale Haul

Before the month ends let me just quickly share with you what i bought from the Body shop Sale. I was forever  like asking (read begging) the hubby to take me to a mall so that i can buy it. Unfortunately he was busy with some certification exam, which was on the last Saturday. So I called my sis, (who works 6 days a week) and asked her to accompany me to the Ampa Skywalk Mall in Chennai. We had to take an auto to go to the railway station and then a train and another share auto to reach that place. The moment we entered the Mall it was right at the entrance on the left side. I was sure that i wanted to pick stuff only that were 50% off as i had already stocked up on the shower gels (which were on like 10% off).

So without much further ado, lets get on with the haul. The SA (whose name was Mythili btw) was really sweet and helped me pick up some new stuff that i did not plan to pick up.

The Total Bill came to Rs 2037.50

The hair mask was for Rs 745 but got it for Rs 372.50

The shampoo was for Rs495 got it for Rs247.50

The body scrub was for Rs 745 got it for Rs 372.50

The Body mist was for Rs 545 got it for Rs 272.50

This kit was for Rs1095 got it for Rs 547.50

Monday, August 29, 2011

Feeling Brown NOTD + VOV nail paint review

A couple of days no actually a month ago I ordered some VOV cosmetics form Fashion and You. This is one of the nail paints that I ordered, and this is the first time that i'm using this brand. I bought this for 80-90 rupees, and i'm not such a fan of these as these take some time to dry out before you can apply a second coat .
In this pic, i have three coats on. It is nice brown shimmery colour as you can see. Even-though it says its Quick dry nail polish , i found that i takes some before you can apply the second coat, and if you are not patient like me then its gonna smudge real bad. The finish is quite glossy and shimmery at the same time. I would say that this is more of a night time wear colour.

These nail paints don't have a name to them, just a number which is M-31 9448, if you guys are interested.

This nail polish gives a sheer appearance on first coat and 2-3 coats will give you opaque nails. It lasts for 2-3 days, so staying power is not that good, as it begins to chip from the top of my nails.

What are you thoughts on this ????

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ponds Pure White Deep cleansing Facial foam Review

I have dry to combination skin type and keep searching for face washes which suit my skin better. I was using Pear's face wash earlier and but during monsoon season it doesn't seem to work very well on me. It would never give me good squeaky clean washed face feeling (but i swear by it in summers). I bought this particular facewash couple of days ago, when i went to purchase some groceries at the local departmental stores.

I was looking for this particular face wash as i was intrigued by their adds in tv and magazines, it is so captivating. But in the very beginning when i wanted buy it, it was always sold out, thus i forgot about it. But i had a chance to lay on my hands on it and without second thought bought it. I have been using it for 2-3 weeks now and i think its the right time to write a review about it...

The face wash in its all black packaging, it is so classy...stands out in the shelf at the store....

The flip-side of the face wash....

Price : RS 125 for 100 gms

Shelf Life : A good 2 years.

What the company claims : Pond's introduces a new skin cleansing philosophy, black attracts black. New Pond's Pure White Facial Foam is formulated with activated carbon. The black activated carbon is known to easily absorb and lift away black dirt and impurities from the skin surface and deep within pores, helping to reduce the causes of blemish to reveal your natural pure white looking skin

There is something that I noticed is that this face wash is not made in India it is made in Indonesia..and imported and distributed by HLL India 

The face wash is greyish silver or dirty silver (like a pearly nail polish only thicker) in color and the consistency is as similar to Ponds White Beauty face wash. When i initially bought it, i quickly opened it to see if the face wash was in black color but it was not..:(..

How to use it : Wet your face, foam the cleanser, apply to face with gentle massage and then rinse off..

Pros : 

  • The sleek and sexy black packaging
  • Removes dirt and makeup effectively, dry skinned beauties may find it bit drying....
  • Affordable price
  • Gives a brighter complexion (not fairer)
  • makes skin squeaky clean, 
  • nice and sturdy cap, good to travel with... 

Cons : 

  • To me it smells little muskier but not OTT , like a men's grooming product. Thank god its not super strong, otherwise i would have hated it.
  • If you keep massaging the foam for more than 3 mins (like i did one day), its gonna make your skin super dry...(i have to apply loads of moisturizer to compensate that dryness)...

Quite thick as you can see...

Foam by itself without water.....

With water it lathers up quite generously...

Verdict : Yes for sure but just for the smell, i still prefer the pink one over this..

Guys, do let me know if you also felt that there was something so strange with the fragrance or not???

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oriflame Collective haul

The past 2 months, everywhere you see there are lots of discounts provided by almost all retail companies.  And its hard to not loosen up your purse strings....I give in to the temptation and did a lot of shopping this season. Will have to do separate post on those....hmmm. anyway... Today I wanted to share with you the Oriflame products that i have been collecting over 2 months. They had released a Raksha bandhan flyer ( which was from 6-16 of august), where you get the stuff at heavy discounts and the consultant prices it almost seems like free...so got couple of stuff from there. I'm sorry i may not remember the exact prices of the product, but i will for sure mention the price range..

I have picked up a lot of accessories this time as i like the quality of most of them and at the price provided to me its a great buy....

That is basically what i hoarded...:))

This was sold to me for Rs 500 by the consultant as she already had this same design, i really enjoyed these glasses and it has a little O shaped jewel detailing on the sides, which makes it so classy. Plus this time the case is so solid and is super gorgeous..i'm loving it

Oh Oh and this has got to be my favorite coz i always wanted a make up kit. This is their dare to dream  makeup palette, which was for (originally for RS 2490) RS 1190 and I got it for Rs 952. The camera is not capturing the true colors of this lovely palette. I think this should be with everyone who is new to makeup, coz it has almost everything(pretty much) to try on different looks. It has got 20 eye-shadows, 4 lip glosses , 6 lip colors, 1 highlighter, 1 blusher, 1 bronzer, 2 face powders, and couple of brushes and the best part is the mini lights around the mirror..just like on the vanity of a movie star even though the lights go off after some time and you have to close it and open it again.

This purse was a huge disappointment to me, as i did not like the finishing at all looks like the ones that you get for 100 bucks from the road side stalls. The inside of the purse is in black color and has dare to dream written all over it. I hate it and this is their Enigma Dare to Dream purse was for Rs 398 and got it for Rs 319and i'm dreaming that this purse should get disappeared.

Here comes the good stuff, loved all the nail paints and yes I got the Savannah one again..oh and i forgot to add the nail paint called Clover hazel, which is btw on the main pic. All the nail paints were somewhere between Rs 149- RS 99..I have to say that these are my fav after Maybelline nail-paints. These dry out very fast and the brushes are long and flat and of good quality.

Got the Jewelry Box (originally Rs 1190)  was for Rs 490 got it at Rs 390 and this one is really well made and perfect for gold jewels that i like to carry when i'm travelling.

This is was not from the flyer but the August Catalogue, The Oriflame beauty lash booster (Originally was for 298 )was for Rs 209 on the book and got it for Rs 160-170. Got the mascara and kajal together for less than Rs 300. This mascara has a very unique wand( abt which a post is coming up soon) and i had to have the kajal, coz i'm a kajal freak.

My first hair tool, i going to use this to curl my hair. Don't remember the price though..

Got some other stuff too, but forgot to take the pic separately..an umbrella coz of the design so summery (although summer is almost over), the golden colored round box is a manicure kit(detailed post coming soon), Very me peachy glow tinted moisturizer in dark, eye-shadow brushes, hot oils, nail serum and nail file...

So guys what did you all hoard on lately...:))

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oriflame makeup brush kit review

I was new to make up and after reading so many blogs about it, thought of giving it a try and seriously have never looked back. In the beginning though I was a kajal and lip balm girl, however gradually i moved on to wonderful world eye shadows and blushes. The eye looks (EOTD) the other girls would do on their blogs looked so beautiful and simple to recreate but i was in for a surprise. I learnt that it takes practices and proper tools to achieve those kind of looks. Off course there were some really hideous eye makeup that i had done before,,but i guess that deserves an entire different post altogether.

Anyway long story short, bought my first set of make-up brushes to try on my newly learnt SKILLS...

Price :  The original price of the product is somewhere between 700-800 but i got it during some offer that i don't remember for Rs350.(i guess that's y i bought it in the first place)

My take on this product :
  • The packaging is really sleek,good for traveling with but if you want to use it regularly then i suggest you store in a brush stand.
  • The brushes are super soft and feels like feather on my skin.
  • Great kit to beginners coz it has all the essential basic brushes.
  • Not as dense as i would like to be.
  • Since it is not very dense, it does not pick up lot of product than you would actually need, which is a good thing..
  • Easy to clean and dries pretty fast too...
This kit has five brushes as you can see and from the left is the powder brush, angled brush, eyeshadow brush, lip brush and the blending brush.

 The handles is made up of transparent plastic ( almost glass like) with  steel  grips..

So guys whats your take on this ????

Friday, August 19, 2011


By now you guys would know that i love online shopping and good deals. I keep searching for sites that offer discounted but original stuff which normally would be so pricey if you buy it directly from their respective company websites. During my one such random search i came across this site AllCosmeticWholesale and also Sirisha has ordered some stuff from them, so i was confident enough to place my order. Mind you that this is my first order that I'm placing with a company that is not based in India, so you could understand my apprehension.
My Hubby kept on saying that i would not get my order and that the money was gonna go down the drain, However they proved him wrong and got my order that too with a freebie...I had ordered them on the 4th of july and got in on 14th july. It was quite fast as i thought that it would more than a month for me to get the product. They first sent me an email with the invoice and then another email with the tracking number on the very next day.

What is ACW : All Cosmetics Wholesale specializes in discount, high end cosmetics at below retail, wholesale and below wholesale pricing.(from the website). According to me they keep almost all brands, especially the limited edition ones and discontinued ones, which are hard to find. 

What brancds to they sell : MAC, NARS, DIOR, LANCOME, STILA, BOBBIBROWN ,LOREAL, MAYBELLINE,,etc etc

I purchased my stuff from their clearance sale and factory blem's section, so i got them at discounted price than they already are...I paid by my hubby's credit card and the bill is blow as you can see i had paid $16 in shipping and this is the least that they have on the site for international customers.Also the shipping amount keeps on increasing with weight, for example if i had added 2 more products the shipping would be $32 and if 4 more it would be a whooping $48,which i think is crazy. I have chosen the USPS Priority Mail INTERNATIONAL( which was least on the list), which is traceable but not insured, so you need to buy , insurance separately if you need it. My total bill amount was $41.95 which was billed on the credit card as Rs 1938.85

My package
Inside there was this box
All the items were bubble wrapped, and none of my stuff was broken
American Beauty Liquid lipcolor in Plum passion $1.99

Stila Shine Lipcolor in Thalia $5.99

MAC lipstick #!which is a frosty pale-pink shade $7.99
MAC#2, which has a consistency of a maybelline watershine lipstick and the shade is somewhat nudish-brown.
MAC#2 in another angle
This is the freebie that i got, which is a Scott Barnes Bodyling Regular. Its the size of a coin and currently I'm using it as a eyeshadow/highlighter.
The two MAC lipstick that i bought were from the Factory blem's section, and these products heavily discounted, because these " not retail sellable according to manufacture guidelines" (as per the site) due to various reason. I was afraid that i would receive expired products, but i think they are just fine but its just that the name of the shade is not mentioned. The reason that i bought these was because i was dying to try MAC but it so expensive, every time i visited the mall, i would be so tempted to buy it but i refrained each time because of the price.

  • Heavy discounts and original products as opposed to some ebay sellers.
  • Wide range of products both high end and low-end.
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Good product display
  • Easy to navigate panels
  • Good and prompt customer service
  • sturdy packaging and bubble wrapped to ensure safety
  • Actual display of products, you get what you see..
  • I Hate their shipping charges.
Final Verdict : NO...As much as i love this site for their prices, their shipping really puts me off. If you are a resident of USA they shipping is considerably less but i'm not so NOOOOO...YES if any of my friend from the states can get it for me otherwise NOO.


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