Friday, August 19, 2011


By now you guys would know that i love online shopping and good deals. I keep searching for sites that offer discounted but original stuff which normally would be so pricey if you buy it directly from their respective company websites. During my one such random search i came across this site AllCosmeticWholesale and also Sirisha has ordered some stuff from them, so i was confident enough to place my order. Mind you that this is my first order that I'm placing with a company that is not based in India, so you could understand my apprehension.
My Hubby kept on saying that i would not get my order and that the money was gonna go down the drain, However they proved him wrong and got my order that too with a freebie...I had ordered them on the 4th of july and got in on 14th july. It was quite fast as i thought that it would more than a month for me to get the product. They first sent me an email with the invoice and then another email with the tracking number on the very next day.

What is ACW : All Cosmetics Wholesale specializes in discount, high end cosmetics at below retail, wholesale and below wholesale pricing.(from the website). According to me they keep almost all brands, especially the limited edition ones and discontinued ones, which are hard to find. 

What brancds to they sell : MAC, NARS, DIOR, LANCOME, STILA, BOBBIBROWN ,LOREAL, MAYBELLINE,,etc etc

I purchased my stuff from their clearance sale and factory blem's section, so i got them at discounted price than they already are...I paid by my hubby's credit card and the bill is blow as you can see i had paid $16 in shipping and this is the least that they have on the site for international customers.Also the shipping amount keeps on increasing with weight, for example if i had added 2 more products the shipping would be $32 and if 4 more it would be a whooping $48,which i think is crazy. I have chosen the USPS Priority Mail INTERNATIONAL( which was least on the list), which is traceable but not insured, so you need to buy , insurance separately if you need it. My total bill amount was $41.95 which was billed on the credit card as Rs 1938.85

My package
Inside there was this box
All the items were bubble wrapped, and none of my stuff was broken
American Beauty Liquid lipcolor in Plum passion $1.99

Stila Shine Lipcolor in Thalia $5.99

MAC lipstick #!which is a frosty pale-pink shade $7.99
MAC#2, which has a consistency of a maybelline watershine lipstick and the shade is somewhat nudish-brown.
MAC#2 in another angle
This is the freebie that i got, which is a Scott Barnes Bodyling Regular. Its the size of a coin and currently I'm using it as a eyeshadow/highlighter.
The two MAC lipstick that i bought were from the Factory blem's section, and these products heavily discounted, because these " not retail sellable according to manufacture guidelines" (as per the site) due to various reason. I was afraid that i would receive expired products, but i think they are just fine but its just that the name of the shade is not mentioned. The reason that i bought these was because i was dying to try MAC but it so expensive, every time i visited the mall, i would be so tempted to buy it but i refrained each time because of the price.

  • Heavy discounts and original products as opposed to some ebay sellers.
  • Wide range of products both high end and low-end.
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Good product display
  • Easy to navigate panels
  • Good and prompt customer service
  • sturdy packaging and bubble wrapped to ensure safety
  • Actual display of products, you get what you see..
  • I Hate their shipping charges.
Final Verdict : NO...As much as i love this site for their prices, their shipping really puts me off. If you are a resident of USA they shipping is considerably less but i'm not so NOOOOO...YES if any of my friend from the states can get it for me otherwise NOO.


  1. wow!!! you own MAC now???? sigh hope to get one MAC lippie soon... Love all your products. But Shipping charges is definitely high...

  2. Indgal : Yeah dats right....i agree with you shipping is too much :(

  3. hey nice haul :) I was planning to buy stuff from this site but this huge shipping rate is a big NO-NO for me! btw nice blog... following u now :)


  4. Rekha : thanks hun..the prices are awesome but shipping sucks...:(..thanks for your lovely comments and welcome to my blog...

  5. Hey great haul & love your detailed post! I was eying some Lancome lipsticks from ACW during their recent clearance sale but their shipping charges are atrocious.. so finally didn't place an order. Do review the MAC lippies soon :)

  6. IBC : I know it was a long post, but so many details,, yeah the shipping is crazy and on top it it keeps on increasing with the weight of the products...

  7. Please please put up the swatches for those Mac lippies na, I was tempted to buy them but since they were under blems the shade names arent known!

  8. laksh : sure will do that but strangely my cam is not picking the right colour..need to change some settings...i knew it was a risk that i was taking but when i was ordering from the blems..but luckily i got good shades and love them both...:))

  9. Indeed very lucky!, both those lippies look so nice and so much cheaper than usual! :)

  10. i did see the site bt the shipping was nice haul ya..those 2 MAC lippies look pretty..enjoy :)

  11. Fantastic post! The lipsticks look amazing, especially the Stilla. And you own 2 MAC!!!

    I hate it when sites have such high shipping!

    As for the storage drawer - I bought it 13 years ago, so I don't remember the cost. But it's available all over the place. I'm sure you'll get one easily.

  12. bhumika : thanks...same thoughts on shipping...,,

    pookhie : shipping is a too love the stila...i will chk saravana store and see if i can find any of those drawers.

  13. Check the week after next. I had checked few days ago & it was out of stock.

  14. thanks for the heads up, will chk later then...:))

  15. Very nice haul. Just got into your blog while browsing. I like your space and I've already added you to my list :) And you are from chennai.. thats awesome.. I am in US. So as per your request I can be your shipping service next time I visit Chennai:)

  16. How sweet of you Suganya, and thanks a bunch for visiting my blog...and yeah just let me know when you plan to come to chennai(just kidding) keep in touch..:)

  17. Wow!Such awesome products you bought! That stila lipstick looks sooo yummm!! <3 I really love this website and sometimes i don't bother the high shipping rates because some brands which are not available in india are available there at heavy if you add the shipping price to the product's low price it will get close to what you will pay for it if it was available in india.So,it is a really awesome website if you are shopping for brands that are not available here. :) and i'm so glad that my article helped you :))

  18. Siri : thanks and yeah you are right the prices are awesome...will order more sometime later or will ask someone to gt it for me from there..:)

  19. lovely review , and was tempting for me to indulge in the site and book some cosmetix fr ma self but m surprised , India isn't in their list any more :( plz do tell me how did u manage to get it shipped to India :)

  20. Jasmin: Thats news to me!! India was on their list at that time. Sorry will chk and let you know.



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