Monday, August 8, 2011

Ayur Deep cleaning Milk Review, swatches

Today I would be doing a quick review on the cleansing milk that I bought from TOTAL mall in mahdevpura in Bangalore, where we have purchased an apartment and its in the process getting built. I'm so excited that finally we will be able to live in our own house, its such a great feeling...So that is why we keep traveling to Bangalore every other weekend and with the BIL's wedding it was so tiring but nonetheless a great experience. Ok ok enough of me rambling lets get on to the review.

I have used cleansing milk from the same brand in the past and only now i have noticed that it contains aloe vera, as I'm allergic to it, I hardly use any products that has aloe in it. I'm not sure if they have changed the packaging and/or the ingredients, and also I feel that its little thicker in consistency as compared to my last bottle. 

What the company claims : Ayur Deep cleaning Milk is a natural herbal cleanser, which gently lifts away make-up, dirt and other impuritiesleaving the skin feeling soft, clean and healthy.

Direction to use : Apply with cotton wool or tissue on face and neck with upward and outward movements.

Price : Rs 90

Net weight : 200 ml

Shelf life : 3 years

My experience :
  • I love how thick the cleansing milk feels on my skin and it also has Rose oil in it and it smells really nice.
  • You just really need a little bit of the product to clean your face.
  • I feel that its extremely moisturizing and so i usually skin the moisturizer at night.
  • Its very affordable.
  • Yes, it does tingle a tiny-bit on my skin and i think its probably because of the aloe in it but fortunately i have no rashes, so I'm good. However people with severe allergy to aloe should avoid it totally.

Lets see how effective is this, i have applied 2 different shades of lipsticks, a liquid liner and a pencil liner.

Take a clean sponge and apply a lil drop of the cleaning milk on to the sponge and wipe off. Oh and mind you that this was in single swipe...So there you have clean and moisturized hands and it smells good too.


Would i repurchase it : Maybe , but i will check their range to see if they have anything without the aloe vera.

If you guys know any good cleanser without aloe vera, pls let me know..


  1. I guess you cld just use either the maybelline biphase one or else plain oil :D

  2. I hate this to the core. Got it last year and the bottle is still unfinshed. Right now I have himalya and it is ok for me. I think it doesn't have aloe. as tanveer said try maybelline hearing it is very good and jus rs.150 for a bottle.

    Congrats on your new home. Moving to banglore then??

  3. Tanveer : yeah i would get the maybelline one..i do use olive oil sometimes to remove makeup.

    Indgal : Thanks..will be moving maybe this December or may-June next year...:)

  4. clinique has a great makeup remover.....but its quite pricey. nice review.

  5. I generally tend to use baby oil or olive oil to remove makeup. Cleansing milks dont suit me much!

  6. i use olive oil to cleanse the makeup but want to get a cleanser.. might opt for himalayas.. heard its good.. i havent used this one..

  7. anju : thanks..will try to buy it :)

    laksh : ohh yeah i totally forgot the baby oil...

    Zatz : yeah olive oil is good..will try Himalaya too...

  8. Ayur is one of my favourites...I always have a bottle in stock at home. Most of the other cleansers i tried have stung my eye area :-(( of now its olive oil for me..and while at home its Ayur...coz it never stings :-))

  9. yeah i think only the oils don't sting the eyes...even i use olive oil for removing mascara...

  10. is this cleanser good for dark spots and pimples marks??? i think it increases acne and pimples on your face

  11. This cleansing milk is quite thick in consitency and it does not do anything to your dark spots and pimples marks. you should try using a spot treatment to get rid of pigmentation

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