Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oriflame beauty eye intensity pencils Intense black & Navy blue Review, Swatches

Hi ladies, today I wanted to share my experience with Oriflame pencils (both eye and lip). I bought these at 50% discount from the oriflame consultant. In the brochure these looked really nice, when the model has applied it but when i tried to use the eye pencils it was very hard and were poorly pigmented. The lip liner was from their Savannah Collection and the liquid liner pen was also from a Hollywood Collection, if I'm not wrong.


THE WORST : The first one is the blue colored one and frankly it was just horrible, i didn't like it at all. It hurts when you apply on the lash line or the eyelid. It is super dry and a total waste of money ( not total i guess as got it at 50% discount)  but still......These pencils needs to be sharpened every time you use it. The price of these pencils normally are Rs 239 and has 1g of the product.

 The black is also similar in consitencey as of the blue pencil and i hate that too, but i like to use it on my eyebrows and it really works well in those areas but i would like to get the brown pencil, coz the black may look too severe if not worn carefully.

The GOOD : I really like this eyeliner pen, it reminds me of the Lakme Eye Artist pen. Again like Lakme this eyeliner is not that pigmented and doesn't give you a jet black colour. It is build-able and you need patience to work with it. I would say its good for doing cat eyes as you can work your way with it.
 The lip liner is one of my favorites as of now. It is a plumy shade. The reason being it goes on smoothly and effortlessly on your  lips to give that fuller look when you apply the lipstick. It well pigmented and also fills the ridges on your lip line. Also its a twist up pencil and thus no sharpening is needed.

 Here are the swatches , from the left is the eye liner pen, the lip liner , the blue pencil liner and the black pencil liner...

So guys do let me know in the comments, of your experiences with these products.


  1. i hvnt used any of these before! nice review :)

  2. i have the brown one, and i find it just ok

  3. I have used a purple and black one, but my pencils are quite creamy. I was planning to repurchase. I guess there might have been something wrong with these. Strange.
    The lip liner looks awesome and with your reco I'm not considering the eye pen.

  4. Zats : you should give it a try, it may work for you...

    Rentu : yeah..:)

    Nivedita : mine probably were just dried or something..but the lip pencil is really nice..:)



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