Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oriflame Collective haul

The past 2 months, everywhere you see there are lots of discounts provided by almost all retail companies.  And its hard to not loosen up your purse strings....I give in to the temptation and did a lot of shopping this season. Will have to do separate post on those....hmmm. anyway... Today I wanted to share with you the Oriflame products that i have been collecting over 2 months. They had released a Raksha bandhan flyer ( which was from 6-16 of august), where you get the stuff at heavy discounts and the consultant prices it almost seems like got couple of stuff from there. I'm sorry i may not remember the exact prices of the product, but i will for sure mention the price range..

I have picked up a lot of accessories this time as i like the quality of most of them and at the price provided to me its a great buy....

That is basically what i hoarded...:))

This was sold to me for Rs 500 by the consultant as she already had this same design, i really enjoyed these glasses and it has a little O shaped jewel detailing on the sides, which makes it so classy. Plus this time the case is so solid and is super gorgeous..i'm loving it

Oh Oh and this has got to be my favorite coz i always wanted a make up kit. This is their dare to dream  makeup palette, which was for (originally for RS 2490) RS 1190 and I got it for Rs 952. The camera is not capturing the true colors of this lovely palette. I think this should be with everyone who is new to makeup, coz it has almost everything(pretty much) to try on different looks. It has got 20 eye-shadows, 4 lip glosses , 6 lip colors, 1 highlighter, 1 blusher, 1 bronzer, 2 face powders, and couple of brushes and the best part is the mini lights around the mirror..just like on the vanity of a movie star even though the lights go off after some time and you have to close it and open it again.

This purse was a huge disappointment to me, as i did not like the finishing at all looks like the ones that you get for 100 bucks from the road side stalls. The inside of the purse is in black color and has dare to dream written all over it. I hate it and this is their Enigma Dare to Dream purse was for Rs 398 and got it for Rs 319and i'm dreaming that this purse should get disappeared.

Here comes the good stuff, loved all the nail paints and yes I got the Savannah one again..oh and i forgot to add the nail paint called Clover hazel, which is btw on the main pic. All the nail paints were somewhere between Rs 149- RS 99..I have to say that these are my fav after Maybelline nail-paints. These dry out very fast and the brushes are long and flat and of good quality.

Got the Jewelry Box (originally Rs 1190)  was for Rs 490 got it at Rs 390 and this one is really well made and perfect for gold jewels that i like to carry when i'm travelling.

This is was not from the flyer but the August Catalogue, The Oriflame beauty lash booster (Originally was for 298 )was for Rs 209 on the book and got it for Rs 160-170. Got the mascara and kajal together for less than Rs 300. This mascara has a very unique wand( abt which a post is coming up soon) and i had to have the kajal, coz i'm a kajal freak.

My first hair tool, i going to use this to curl my hair. Don't remember the price though..

Got some other stuff too, but forgot to take the pic umbrella coz of the design so summery (although summer is almost over), the golden colored round box is a manicure kit(detailed post coming soon), Very me peachy glow tinted moisturizer in dark, eye-shadow brushes, hot oils, nail serum and nail file...

So guys what did you all hoard on lately...:))


  1. wow thats a huge haul :0

    loving all your stuff. especially the jewellry box and nail paints. what is that in the orange tube in the main picture??

  2. I'm sure I'll visit this post again because I'm just going gaga over the palette!!

  3. Indgal : me too love the nail paints ...that is a nail serum..its supposed to strengthen your nails and i have just used it once and i don't see any difference.

    Nivedita : I'm so excited to have bought that back.maybe i will do a post on the swatches..:))

  4. wow super haul

    pallette looks lovely
    nail polishes r gud

    tried ur veg briyani .came out well


  5. Hi Vidhya, thanks dear....i'm glad that you liked the biryani.....:))

  6. super haul!
    i love the jewelry box and everything looks very interesting.. waiting for the reviews. BTW did u notice that kajal came in my products i want to run away from post :P im curious about what you think.. so reviews pls :P

  7. Zatz : thanks..,,,i have yet to try it..i got it just for the packaging,,but still my HG kajal is VLCC..its the best as of now. Will review it soon..

  8. hi ponnovium

    thanks for visiting my blog..
    i ve replied ur querry abt ebay buying..

  9. wow this is a wonderful haul.. have fun with ur stuff.. n that purse was a huge disappointment na :(

  10. Vidhya : thanks :))

    Rekha : thanks dear..yeah the i hate the purse...300 down the drain:(



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