Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oriflame makeup brush kit review

I was new to make up and after reading so many blogs about it, thought of giving it a try and seriously have never looked back. In the beginning though I was a kajal and lip balm girl, however gradually i moved on to wonderful world eye shadows and blushes. The eye looks (EOTD) the other girls would do on their blogs looked so beautiful and simple to recreate but i was in for a surprise. I learnt that it takes practices and proper tools to achieve those kind of looks. Off course there were some really hideous eye makeup that i had done before,,but i guess that deserves an entire different post altogether.

Anyway long story short, bought my first set of make-up brushes to try on my newly learnt SKILLS...

Price :  The original price of the product is somewhere between 700-800 but i got it during some offer that i don't remember for Rs350.(i guess that's y i bought it in the first place)

My take on this product :
  • The packaging is really sleek,good for traveling with but if you want to use it regularly then i suggest you store in a brush stand.
  • The brushes are super soft and feels like feather on my skin.
  • Great kit to beginners coz it has all the essential basic brushes.
  • Not as dense as i would like to be.
  • Since it is not very dense, it does not pick up lot of product than you would actually need, which is a good thing..
  • Easy to clean and dries pretty fast too...
This kit has five brushes as you can see and from the left is the powder brush, angled brush, eyeshadow brush, lip brush and the blending brush.

 The handles is made up of transparent plastic ( almost glass like) with  steel  grips..

So guys whats your take on this ????


  1. The brush quality doesn't look that tempting. What's your opinion?

  2. packaging is 2 cute.. But the bristles quality looks not as good as it should ths price tag its good enough brushes 4 makeup beginerz..

  3. the packaging looks good!! :-D
    Yea like Nivedita says the bristles dont look that good quality yea? esp for its original price

  4. d holder is nice..very similar to sigma one..

  5. Nivedita, Sahar, Zatz : yeah you guys are right the quality is not great, may its the pic that i have taken, but it is soft in texture. However not dense at all and also i have washed it couple of times and just let it dry it on the towel, so you may see some stray hair..but yeah for the price that i bought it is a good deal. I also have their foundation brush and its of a very diff quality..will do a post soon...

    Bhumika : is it? i wanna to buy some sigma..but so expensive...:))

  6. JUst for 350..tats awesum SSG :) But they don't luk so good..I was expecting them to be on a higher level after sing the is so hep :)

  7. shweta : yeah for 350 i think its a good deal..i think its probably my photo that is not doing justice but not sure...the pouch is definitely amazing ...

  8. for 350 this is a good deal.. try ecotools brushes.. i think u can buy them from they are of much better quality decently priced and will last long :)

  9. rekha : will chk dat thanks a bunch for the info dear,...:))

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  11. hi for 350 its a steal..this time during my vacation in chennai got some vega brushes ..they r good and cheaper in saravana stores/pothy's with 10% off on MRP..

  12. Vidhya : yeah it is...need to chk saravana...:))

  13. The ecotools brushes availiable at is fake. please dont buy. check this site

  14. anponymous : Yeah you are right, i think most of them out there are fake...nice post abt the brushes,..



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