Friday, August 19, 2011

Rajma curry Receipe with step by step photos

Alright guys i'm back again with a favorite dish of mine, which is Rajma, i started liking this dish even more after my marriage coz my MIL's name is Rajamma, so i would always tease my hubby, saying that today i'm going to cook your mom..Just kidding...She is the BEST..i love her soooooo muuuccchhhh. muah muah...
When i was Delhi, in the winters we used to have this from the local canteen..those were the days...sigh...

Ok now lets get started, always make sure that you get the best quality of rajma, coz sometimes it doesn't cook so well in the pressure cooker if its not of good quality and the gravy would be a total waste. Make sure to soak the rajma overnight and cook it in the morning with as little water as possible, because you don't want to waste the water as its highly nutritious..

This dish can be had with roti and rice...

Ingredients :

Rajma = 1 cup soaked overnight and pressure cooked upto 10 whisltes
Onion = 1 medium finley chopped
Tomatoes = 2 medium pureed
Ginger-garlic paste = 1 tbs
Green chilled = 1 slit lengthwise
Curry leaves = Optional (i like its flavor dats y i added it)
Oil = 2 tbs
Jeera = 1/2 tbs to saute

Masalas : 

Red chillie powder = 1 tbs
Dhania powder = 2 tbs
Jeera powder =1/2 tbs
Garam masala =1/2 tbs
Tumeric powder = 1/4 tbs
Salt = as per taste
The ingredients
Rajma boiled 
Heat kadai
Add oil and jeera, let it splutter
Optional - add curry leaves
Add the chopped onions and saute till cooked well
Add the haldi and cook for a min
Add the ginger-garlic paste and saute further
At this point add the tomato puree and cook for 2 mins
Add the rest of the masalas
Cook well till the raw smell of the masalas disappear
Add the rajma boiled water from the pressure cooker
Add more or less as per the consistency that you need and cook it 3 mins 
Add the cooked rajma and let it simmer for another 2 mins
Garnish it with coriander leaves(which i didn't have any at dat time, so i used a green chille instead


  1. yummy... you must be lucky to have a sweet MIL :)

  2. i will try it sometime soon :)

  3. Indgal : thanks :)

    Zats : sure do try it..:))

  4. Rajma is my fav to cook because I find it far easier than other dishes. Though I dont add so many ingredients because I cant find them here. This post made me hungry, probably will go make Rajma :D

  5. Laksh : ohh..i love to have plain boiled rajma too its so tasty...:))

  6. Me too, love boiled Rajma & channa, sometimes when I'm lazy thats all I eat for dinner or will cut up onions, add a dash of lemon and eat :D

  7. yum yum and more yum! looks really tasty! would love to give this one a shot!

  8. imw : yeah it was really tasty, do try it...

  9. looks nice let me try this out tonight and give u a feed back tomorrow....

  10. ANonymous : thanks..waiting for your feedback...



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