Monday, October 10, 2011

My Handbag Collection

Hi guys, i know i know I was MIA for almost 2 months, mostly because my lappy was virus attacked and also because i was really getting inspired to write any more blog posts. I was also going through a little depression phase, which i don't wanna talk about. What i do wanna talk about is that how much i missed being a part of blogging community and how i missed my blogger friends ( i hope you missed me too...

I was lately inspired by all the collection post/videos that are out there in the Internet. I personally like to see what people collect in terms of bags, saris, jewelry, etc etc. so what I'm basically going to do couple of collection post's do let me know, if you have any specific collection that you would like to see...

The first beige colored bag was bought from Fashion and you. The original price on the bag was Rs3000 but i managed to get this bag for Rs 516 ( i had used a discount voucher of Rs1000. I really like this bag as it does resemble the BIRKIN a little bit except that its a bit slouchy from the sides.

This bag was bought from Chennai Trade center, as we went to see the home expo there. I had no idea i would love this bag so much, i do love it mainly for the color. Also the detailing on the bag is what caught my eye. This bag cost me about Rs 1100 after bargain, originally was for 1300. I'm yet to use this bag.

This bag looks very thin from the sides let me assure it is very roomy.

This is my only Blue N Blues bag that i own, i bought this while i was in Bangalore in 2009 and it had cost me Rs2700 and i bought the first time i fought with my husband. I went to Forum mall in Koramangala got a haircut and bought this bag and some shoes and i did feel little better and went back home, fought some more and patched up next morning..

I know that this bag is super dirty, as this was what i used to carry to my office all the time and recently i managed to spill a whole glass of water in it and that is why it looks kinda stiff at someplace.

This white and teal bag was again from Fashion and You, got it for Rs700. This bag does not have a top zipper just a button. This bag is huge and i like to use it mainly while I'm traveling.What i hate about this bag is that i gets dirty very easily and need to clean it up after every use. Also the handles on them are not too comfy..

This is my oldest bag that i have from before my marriage. I bought this at Spencer Plaza for Rs1000, which was ridiculous as i should have bargained cos i saw the same bag somewhere else, where it was only Rs700..:(((((

Let me know which one did you like in the comments ????


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