Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vacation & some Random pictures

Hello people how are you...i hope you are doing good and im really sorry for not posting as much as i would like to. Its just that i was lazy and also super busy, which i think is not an excuse, its like when you start a blog you wish you had lot of followers (of the blog) and when you do get some you start ignoring it (which is what i kinda unintentionally did) but i promise to do MORE POSTS.

Okay, so this month we did a bit a traveling to attend my cousin sister's engagement and on the way back we went to Pondicherry. I don't have all the photos coz we used our phone and forgot to click most of it. Whatever we captured i have put it up for you guys...

This was taken at the boat trip in Chunnambar River. This was a 2 seater and was supposedly super fast or jet fast (not sure) but it was nowhere near to being fast. But it sure was fun nevertheless.

Thats me with my mom and nani at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, which reminded me of Delhi campus, lush green and cool weather. Awesome place to visit but very expensive to shop coz it is targeted at firangs.

This is my lil niece when we were at the engagement. Ohhh she is sooo cuuutttteeeee.

This is my husband's childhood pics, he looks so chubby and cute...i love it...We found this when we were randomly cleaning his parental house. He was called "bonda" as a child cos of his chubbiness.. i still call him that ;)

I made this mala/ gajra from the flowers at my in-laws house without the needle. It was my first time ever and i loved it, the beginning was very frustrating with all the flowers falling off before securing it with the thread. But once you do some 20 flowers you can really do it fast.

Me and my hubby at the marina beach.

At my nani's house, my hubby was making me do all these poses was funny hehehe....:))

Ok thats it for now thanks for watching and may god bless you all.

The good news is that my hubby and I are going to Australia in 3 weeks for 4+ years. So all new experience for us and with the new house almost getting completed, its kinda very busy, but i promise to do more posts.


  1. nice pics, enjoy your long stay in Australia

  2. Hi nice pcitures, good to see you back. have fun in Australia :)

  3. rentu : thanks for your wishes :))

    Indgal : thanks, how are you???

  4. I am doing great, I was thinking yesterday were you disappeared?? Hmm, so clebrating new year in aussie??

  5. Wow! your moving to Oz, Where abouts? i live in sydney :)

  6. Indgal : ow thanks....yes hopefully :))

    Mz A : moving to melbourne, any tips on packing???

  7. Well generally everything is more expensive here, so of possible pack as much as you can :) the weather is so weird here its more like winter than summer the last couple of days, so pack clothes that would suit both climates:)

  8. Yeah i heard its expensive!!! i have packed some of it already..but what abt skincare and cosmetics...and kitchen items??? and yeah thanks for your reply and help :))

  9. u look sooooooo cute in all the pics. Hope u had a great time. your niece looks soooooo adorableeeeee :)

  10. Aaaww thank you so much, how have you been???she is adorable isn't she? :))

  11. Such nice pics..Lovely.. Hope you had a nice trip.

  12. enjoy ur stay



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