Thursday, June 21, 2012

My new love

I’m sure as per my last post, you all must have thought I was going to Australia and getting settled there. However, unfortunately it got cancelled at the last minute, imagine all the packing that we must have done. Well that being said, we still continue to stay here in Chennai and I have a new job. This new workplace is somewhat near to my home, but I have to take three two buses and 1 share auto (not sure if you guys know what is). So I decided to get a bike for myself…..I had taken my license couple of years back for id purpose while I was in Bangalore. On the day of the driving test, I had asked a girl standing in front of me in the queue to lend me her bike for the test and she readily gave me her new bike. She told me how to drive it and believe me you guys it was my first time on any bike and it was so smooth...and of course I passed the test. From that moment on I only wanted to get that bike, if I had to get one…
So finally got the same color and a matching helmet...…..YAY…….
Today is my second day coming to office on the bike...I will post real pics of my bike soon…
Missed you guys as always…..


  1. Cute bike!!! I always wanted one before marriage, but dad wasn't in favor of it. and now after marriage no use for it. Too sad :) Have loads of fun and be safe.

  2. hello akka,missed u these days have a safe drive i know how horrible in chennai to travel through bus and share auto..thank god u got your rider..

  3. nice blog.

  4. congrats on ur new job n bike dea :)

  5. Sudha : Thanks, its been a long time since I checked blogger..and having loads of fun too ..i think i could be next ghost rider...

  6. Mofika : Thanks dahling..i love riding my bike...

    Butterfly: thankies!!!

    Manu : Thanks dear



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