Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pomegranate Juice Recipe with step by step photos

Hello everyone, today I'm going to show you a basic recipe of Pomegranate juice. This fruit is packed with anti-oxidants and is good for your heart. My mom-in- law says that its also good for efficient bowel movement. The fruit is loaded with sugar so you don't have to add any other sweetener like honey.

Ingredients :

Pomegranate pearls from 2 medium sized fruits
Juice of half a lemon
Salt - pinch

NOTE (important) : When you run the blender, use it in the whipping mode because you don't want to grind the seeds as it will impart a slightly bitter taste. Just blend it for 5 seconds so that the flesh is juiced.

(Optional): You can add mint leaves, ginger, honey, pepper, chat masala and you can also pair it with other fruits and vegetables depending upon your mood.

    2 pomegranate and lemon

     Shelled pomegranate seeds looks too good to eat straight-away...

           I used the Philips hand bender...take out the pulp and strain it. Gently with a spoon press and extract the juice onto a bowl and mix lemon juice and salt. 

             I just rimmed the glass with salt and added a lemon wedge.. I would like to call this drink the Pomegranate martini (of course there is no vodka but if you want then go ahead...) 

                   Looks like wine when photographed with flash....

Sorry guys I know I have been missing in action, but I promise to do more posts..I have collected quite a few products that I would like to share with you..So stay tuned....

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