Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Pimple Story

I have fairly clear skin, so when i get a breakout or pimple it looks quite prominent. There is redness, swelling and off course itching. Then there is an insane urge to pop the pimple, which i did a lot of times when i was younger...there was blood, pus and the whitehead thing..ugh gross. But luckily they didn't leave any nasty marks that i regret. But you should not do it. A friend of mine had pimples, acne and scars all over her face since teen years. So she would have this feeling of insecurity that she will not look good in certain dresses and she totally shunned most public events. At that time i couldn't imagine the pain she was going through, but she got over it by visiting a dermatologist (who through medication helped her get rid of pimples/acne, apparently they were hormonal). She now has become one the most fun loving extrovert person that i know.

Most of the time god blesses me with these monsters just a day before an important meeting or a functions. I got one a day before my wedding, what can i say...People won't notice the dress or makeup i'm wearing, but everybody would have a thing or 2 to say about the pimple. And yes, then follows the volley of advice from well meaning but annoying aunties about home remedies for pimple. Its just that i don't have patience or time to rub turmeric or tulsi paste on my face and wait for it to show results. Not to say that i have not tried these but they refuse to show any result on me in a day. Perhaps they work best if used regularly to prevent pimples and acne.

With so many beauty blogs out there giving you tips on getting rid of pimple in a day. The one that worked for me is the toothpaste trick. Just dab a bit of it on the pimple at night time or any time for that matter and in the morning its gone..poof. Just a small teeny tiny black dot of a reminder is left, with which i can live rather than the red swollen mass on my face. This trick is like a cheat sheet for me to get a clear skin. However its best to follow certain rules or steps to snub the pimple at its roots. Washing your face twice with a good face wash that removes excess oil and the one that suits your skin types. Try not to touch your face too often, but if you must use clean hands or tissues.

So tell me what's your secret weapon to fight against pimple?


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